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Starkiron Official Artwork

Overview Edit

Starkion (Stark + Iron)

Inspiration: The Iron Man

Species: The Armor Pokémon

Pokédex: "This Pokémon is much more agile and fast being able to fire several blows quickly and with full force. this pokemon is one of the most intelligent that exists so much that he manages to strategize just to look at his opponent."

Type: Steel / Flying

Height: 1,8 m

Weight: 50,3 kg

Abilities: HIgh Load*

- HIgh Load: When a Pokémon with this Ability is hit by an Eletric-type move, its Attack and Special Attack is increased by one stage, and the move will have no effect on that Pokémon.

Stats Edit

-HP: 85

-Attack: 90

-Defense: 100

-Special Attack: 120

-Special Defense: 100

-Speed: 100

-Total Base: 595

Moves Edit

- Tackle

- Charge Beam

- Magnet Bomb

- Blast Suppercut *

- Fly

- Bullet Punch

- Air Slash

- Nanotecnology *

- Gear Substitute *

Lv.52 - Simple Beam

Lv.56 - Smart Strike

Lv.60 - Hyper Beam

Lv.65 - Final Gambit

Signature Moves Edit

Blast Suppercut *

- Description: This move shoot a powerful beam at the opponent.

- Type: Steel

- Category: Special

- PP: 15

- Power: 120

- Accuracy: 75

Nanotecnology *

- Description: Depending on the opponent's speed, this Pokémon will increase some status to support you in battle. If your opponent's speed is greater than your Pokémon's, your defensive status will be increased; If the opponent is slower, his offensive status will be increased.

- Type: Steel

- Category: Status

- PP: 5

- Power: -

- Accuracy: -

Gear Substitute *

- Description: This move allows the user to change their move in the middle of the battle (It can only switch to moves it has already learned).

- Type: Steel

- Category: Status

- PP: 5

- Power: -

- Accuracy: -

Evolution Edit

Evolution: This Pokémon doesn´t evolves.

Evolution Line: Irony (Evolves into level 25), Staron (Evolves into level 50), Starkiron.

Creators Edit

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'Andih' Estação HD (

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