The first screen of the game, in preplanning. Notice the Bosail is called WARTORTLE.

Project Hiatu is a game that is planned to be made for all computer users. It will be released in beta version first, if it turns out successful. The producer, Kitsukitty is only beginning to create it. There is little information about it at the time.

System Requirements

No system requirements are known at the time. It is known, that it will likely work for Windows Vista Home Premium.


The game will have new types, only Light has been confirmed. It may also feature the Sinnoh Tileset. Like older versions of Pokemon, it may contain a Bug catching contest and a battle tower. An online trading system may also be added.

Pokemon Organization

Mostly fakemon will be in the game. Though, Legendaries from the original game may be distributed via kitsukitty.DeviantART.

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