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Morte's Official Art


Depths Pokémon

It is said to live in the Depths. According to legend, meeting with it's true partner will cause it's master to appear.

Characteristics Edit

Morte was inspired off of the fantasy creature, the imp. It's head came from the idea of imagination of a devil. While it was still being created, it was first going to be called the "bracket Pokémon," in which Morte and it's partener would open up the brackets on their tail, creating something. Though this plan fell apart and the new story is currently held under two of the staff members of Project Hiatu.

Moveset & Stats Edit

Morte's data is unknown!

Encountering Edit

Currently, Morte's encounter data is held within the Project Hiatu staff.

Origin Edit

Like said earlier, it was based of an imp with "devil horns." It was not planned to have a parnter in preplaning, but it came to be that Vita was created.

It's name comes from the Italian word for "death," morte.

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