Glitchoid is made of pitch black lines for its body,legs and arms with purple eyes floting as a face but if in its good glitch mode it is golden lines for its body legs and arms and silver eyes.

Where it lives:

Glitchoid has lived for thousonds of years in a land of glitches called Gilitc.It was banished to Gilitc after its old master bertrayed it and it turned evil and wanted to destroy the world.


Glitchoid is a Dark type but in its good form it is a Light type.


This pokemon can change into its good glitch form with the Pure Orb. It changes bake to its bad glitch mode by taking the Pure Orb off.


Glitchoid's ability is Download.


In the world there was small glitches in the world and the world could never be complete without it. Then a mysterious pokemon came out of nowhere and stoped these glitches in the world. People were amazed by this pokemon. People were trying to catch it but it was no use. Then, a young boy, about 13 years old caught the pokemon. They were best friends and then the boy betrayed Glitchoid. Glitchoid was angered and almost destroyed the world, but then a mysterious pokemon, small, winged and rainbow coloured and could shot blast of lights came out of the sky and bannished Glitchoid to a land called Gilitc and was never seen of again. then the mysterious pokemon flew up to a mysterious mountain and turned into the Pure Orb. It is said that a true hero can find the Pure Orb,Enter the land of Gilitc and show Glitchoid that humans and pokemon CAN be friends and humans CAN be friendly. This is the legend of Glitchoid

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