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Selfish Pokémon

Becuase of it's selfish and concieted nature, it is often thought to be the reincarnation of an unlikeable prince. Never gives but always takes.

Gattomier's Official Art

Stats & MovesetEdit

HP: 75

A: 100

D: 60

S: 75

SA: 110

SD: 65

Level Move
1 Tackle
1 Transform
1 Growl
6 Leer
11 Bite
17 Taunt
25 Thief
34 Knock Off
38 Crunch
46 Double Edge
58 Run Attack
62 Darkness Bolt

Gattomier's Official Sprite

Characteristics Edit

Gattomier are very large Pokémon. They seem to be very dark in color and attitude. They're large chests of fur give them a sassy and proud look. Sometimes can be michevious in getting what they want.


Weight://69.3 lbs

Gender Ratio:// 76% Male, 24% Female

Ability:// Imposter Origin Gattomier is somewhat based off the Chershire cat, but it's attitude is not related. It's name is a mix of of Gatto(Gatto-), which means cat and Vladamier(-mier), which means prince.

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