Moon Pokemon

Type: Dark, Dragon


When the first two Pokemon were born in the world, they shaped the world by creating seas, shifting mountains and bending space using their orbs. A world was created which we now call Earth. The Sun Pokemon, Solius was the ruler of the first world, Guardian of the Sky and Space, while Elunas, the Moon Pokemon was the ruler of the second world, Guardian of the Land and Seas. The Guardians were meant to keep harmony between the two worlds, however, as the world reached its limits and could not expand, the two titans clashed in a cataclysmic battle for dominance, which caused the two worlds to fall apart and collide with each other.

As the exhausted Guardians realised the utter destruction they have caused, they stopped the fight and started reshaping the world. The two Pokemon didn't have enough power to reconstruct the world they have once created, so they sacrificed their vessels and used up all their remaining energy to renew the world.

The two Guardians were long forgotten, and the only things left behind were the two mysterious orbs which lay dormant, the Sun Orb, which ascended into the endless skies and the Moon Orb, which descended into the depths of the seas.


The Guardian of the Land and Seas, which fought a cataclysmic Clash against the Guardian of the Skies and Space. It vanished from this world leaving the Moon Orb for millenniums after reconstructing the earth.


Astral Wings grant it supersonic speed. Blue orbs on both shoulders, grants the Pokemon the ability to create seas and shift mountains, as well as summon the chaos of the tidal moon.





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