The legends I've thought of so far. I'll add more once I think of them ^-^

Legends from Solar morning and Lunar nigh

PLEASE NOTE!!!: These are my own fanmade legendaries, they are NOT going to be in project Hiatu, so please don't say stuff like that. it only gets me in trouble, so I'm saying it now. THEY WILL NOT BE IN PROJECT HIATU UNLESS SOME MIRACLE OCCURS, IN WHICH MY POKEMON AND MY HORRID SPRITING ARE THOUGHT OF AS GOOD, AND APPROVED, OTHERWISE, THEY WON'T BE IN THE GAME!!!!

thank you.

The legends!Edit

Drakkon, The dark-bringer pokemon

When a Drakkon appears in the world, Darkness envelopes the land.

Illuminus (illuminus), The light-bringer pokemon

illuminus is said to be one of two pokemon who can reverse the darkening of the world. It is belived that anyone who looks at Illuminus will never see again.

Iriyu, The water cat pokemon

When Iriyu is seen by living eyes, the being who sees it falls asleep, and never wakes up.

Oreyu, The lightning cat pokemon

The lightning bolt on it's tail can hold up to 100,000 volts, and release it to attack enemies. this power can be used in it's legs to make it faster than the speed of light.

Eyriyu, The flame cat pokemon

Eyriyu is always angry. If a trainer can make Eyriyu happy, it's said they can be granted their greatest desire

Isis, The lonely spirit pokemon

Isis is the spirit of a girl who was stood up by her boyfriend. She stayed in that restaurant for her whole life, and her spirit still resides there today. When found, she grants one wish to the person who cured her loneliness, even if it's temporary. But beware, she may want to keep you with her forever!