Dragspine and shiny dragspine Sprites


Dragspine: Freindly Dragon Pokemon Edit

A ferocious companion it will attack anything that threatens it's Trainer. Its Area in the Hiatu Region is in the exact center of the Region. To capture it you must first complete the centuries old puzzle in the cave wall next to its nest. Does not have any known Evolutionary forms.
Dragspine sprite

DragSpine and Shiny Official sprites

Origin Edit

Name comes from Dragon (Drag) and the spines or spikes down its back (-spine).

Type Edit


Moveset Edit

LV Moves

1 Tackle

5 Stun Ray

5 Thunder Wings

12 Wave beam

19 Explosiontackle

26 Volt tackle

37 Sonicboom

51 Hyper Beam

68 Areial Ace

77 Transform

80 Sky Attack

93 Hammer Arm

97 Dragon Rush

99 Demolition Attack

100 Doom Meteor (signiture move)

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