Description Edit

A very rare and difficult to find fakemon. Daushrow itself appears as a black shroud with yellow or red eyes and strange sharp glinting teeth. It is known to strangly disapear when encountered, and is impossible to find at night. Due to the lack of sightings it was labled as the disapearing shadow. As it only seems to become active when the sun sets, it has been extremely difficult to capture and only 3 have been caught for research, 2 have already escaped. Daushrow is a very secretive fakemon and so far little is known.

Type: Dark/Psychic

Habitat: Unknown

Diet: Omnivore

Gender: Depends on Eye color (Red:Male/Yellow:Female)

Ability:Dark Concealment (Lowers enemy accuracy under certain conditions)

Known Moves Edit

Automatic: Shadow Warp: Daushrow can transport itself intstantly as long as there is a shadow nearby

Lv.1 Scary Face

Lv. 1 Wrap

Lv.8 Kinesis

Lv.12 Cofusion

Lv.17 Hypnosis

Lv.25 Nasty Plot

Evolution Edit


Evolves into Shrowdow at level 32


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